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    31 Ways God Sees You Right Now


    Most people see themselves through the eyes of the world. Wouldn’t you love to know how God sees

    you? You can. By looking at Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments, you can learn what God

    really thinks about you. You can discover how He feels about you, what he says about your future, and

    about all the qualities He sees in you. You may not see them, but He does.

    Embrace how God sees you; embrace His thoughts toward you. God’s view of you is unchanging. He

    loves you beyond anything you can imagine. He is continually drawing you closer to Him. He wants

    you to feel good about yourself.

    As you read this list, speak the words quietly to yourself. Even though you may not see these qualities

    in your life right now, they are resident within you. Your soul is coming into agreement with heaven!

    Right now, God sees you as:

    1. Spotless and beautiful.

    2. Speaking with a voice that shakes the heavens.

    3. Filled and overflowing with liquid love.

    4. Moving in great wisdom, able to discern between good and evil.

    5. Outrageously loved.

    6. Totally accepted.

    7. Completely forgiven.

    8. Righteous.

    9. An heir—freely coming into His presence.

    10. A lover and a warrior.

    11. An overcomer.

    12. Healed and whole.

    13. Ruling and reigning with Him.

    14. Seated in heavenly realms.

    15. A laughing Bride—laughing at fear, afraid of nothing!

    16. A compassionate Bride.

    17. Pure—with your face shining with His glory.

    18. Having piercing eyes—moving in authority.

    19. A supernatural being—doing supernatural acts in the natural world.

    20. Dreaming with Him.

    21. Swaying, bending, yielding, being moved by the wind of the Spirit.

    22. Possessing quiet confidence.

    23. Bold as a lion.

    24. A deeply intimate friend.

    25. Trusting in His Word—not in circumstances.

    26. Faithful lover.

    27. A worshipper.

    28. Dancing through the universe with Him.

    29. Carrying no offense.

    30. Totally congruent having your deep inner thoughts aligned with heaven.

    31. Living in great grace and favor.

    Every one of these characteristics is true about you. God created you in such a way that these qualities

    will emerge in your life over time. You are in a process of transformation, and each characteristic is

    growing and gradually manifesting in you. They not only depict an accurate picture of who you are,

    but also each one is encouraging. Try standing in front of the mirror and say these truths out loud to

    yourself. Point to yourself and say, “God sees you as ….” And go down the list. Believe me, you will

    feel like a new person.

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