Graham Cooke’s Foreword

Transformation is based on our identity in Jesus not on our behavior, which is always changing as the refining process and the consequential upgrades continue to impart deeper truth and life to our relationship with the Lord. Identity provides us with a solid base with which to explore the fullness of God’s intention and affection for us in Christ Jesus. We are learning to be overwhelmed by His goodness and kindness, which graces us with the beauty of Who God wants to be for us in any given situation. 

It is normal for us, when confronted by the sheer elegance of the love of God, to want to know how He perceives and thinks of us on a personal level. We are the new man in Christ. That is our identity! We are not the old man of sin that has been done away on the Cross of Jesus. He did not just die for us but He wonderfully and providentially died as us; thus releasing us to a newness of life (Romans 6:4) where we are learning to become occupied (fully alive) with God as beloved children who are developing into fully mature sons in the faith. What an adventure! Our story and our journey are transformed when we know how we are loved and viewed by the Father. 

Many believers want new but think old. Others are trapped by a religious system that majors on the old man; is obsessed by sin and preaches behavior modification in a weird kind of self help program that can only produce a present past lifestyle, and is inherently wearisome and powerless.

 Our DNA in Christ has a partner gene because of His wonderful relationship with the Holy Spirit. We are being made into His image because our Helper in God, the incomparable Holy Spirit, delights in taking everything that belongs to Jesus and making it real for us in daily life (John chapter 16). The Spirit steps into our weak places in a very timely and intentional manner to support us in the process of becoming ever more confident and mature in our connections with the Father (Romans 8:26, 28).

 I love the posture element of Linda’s book. It reminds me so much of the absolute joy that the Holy Spirit has in posturing Himself into our life events. If we are in Christ, then so are all our circumstances! If we cannot be separated from God’s love (Romans 8:33-39) then our circumstances can never be separated from God’s intention toward us. Posturing before Him in the Word is a solid part of our learning to abide in Jesus.

 The only undiscovered country for Christians to explore is the territory between their ears! Learning how to think with the mind of Christ is vital. Being renewed in the spirit of our mind is essential (Ephesians 4:20-24). Learning how to spiritually appraise (1 Corinthians 2:12-16) our areas of difficulty and problematic situations is part of our joyful journey in Christ (James 1:2-5; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

 God does not call us on our behavior since the old man is dead. He calls us up to our identity in Christ as free men (Romans 6:7, Galatians 2:20). Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice”, therefore we must in all areas of life discover and embrace those words that the Lord is constructively speaking to us. If that is not our regular practice we will default to words of destruction in critical moments. Who and what is building us up, and who/what is pulling us down? Choose wisely.

 Taking charge of our thought life is vital. Learning to examine the issues of life in the context of what God wants to be for you in this moment. This is where Linda’s book is so valuable. THE REAL YOU provides us with valuable keys that empower us to discover the mind of the Lord. We are learning how His dominant thinking can govern our life issues making us vulnerable to His goodness and kindness.

 If we think negatively we become negative. Life in Christ, however, is so much more powerful than mere positive thinking. God has the only accurate picture of who we really are…its called Scripture, and we all find our identity in it. The world always provides us with negative information; therefore we cannot take our cues form the natural world. We are not earthbound in our thinking because the mind of Christ sets us in a place far above all that the world can see and process.

 Our own process is more spiritual, more dynamic, wisdom based and relational with the Lord. We are in the process of learning what God sees when He looks at us. That learning must actively replace all other perceptions. Then we must develop the joy and peace in believing His perspective. We confess our identity for all that He is worth!!

 When we embrace the whole truth about our identity we can learn to be over comers in all our life events. Identity is the key issue in our relationship with God. It is the area where the enemy deploys lots of resources against us and is therefore also the biggest area of dynamic favor from the Lord. Brilliant. Crisis is where Lordship is made visible. We can know the truth in our head but not allow it to grow within to the place where it is radically affects thinking, perception, language and belief. Truth is always acted out in life. It is in our partnership with the Holy Spirit where the truth of Jesus sets us free.

 I love the wealth of Scripture; the posturing element, and the decrees that are all made possible in the Holy Spirit. This is where THE REAL YOU can make an incredible difference to your walk with God. How we are known in Heaven is essential understanding in the unfolding of identity. All of Heaven is attracted to Jesus in us!

 This book is an excellent tool for young believers and also for established Christians who need refreshing in identity thinking or perhaps need to reinvent who they are becoming in the Kingdom. This book contains a very good step-by-step guide to get us thinking, talking, seeing and believing something better about ourselves.

 THE REAL YOU is an excellent resource as a mentoring, small group or training course in the local church or Christian organization. It will provoke a wonderful dialogue and impact on our spiritual growth to upgrade us in our relationship with the Lord Jesus.

 Graham Cooke

Author, speaker, consultant