Real You Identity Assessment Quiz

Linda Breitman’s newest book, “The Real You: Believing Your True Identity”, reveals 10 unique facets of your real self—the REAL you. Discovering how God really sees you will enable you live a life filled with confidence and purpose. For the first time know your life purpose, gain personal direction, and experience the wonderful freedom and joy God has already planned for you. Some attributes of the real you are more fully developed than others. There is a DVD, book, and workbook to help you implement your true identity immediately.

Every question is based on a chapter in “The Real You.” Please select the answer that is your most honest response.

Living as the Real You Assessment Test

1. If someone were to crawl inside your mind today, what kinds of thoughts would they discover?
A. Mostly positive
B. Mostly negative
C. Half and half

2. On what do you base your personal success?
A. Mostly God’s love
B. Mostly my financial status
C. Mostly my job

3. Are you seeing a positive transformation of your inner self?
A. On a daily basis
B. Sometimes
C. Hardly ever

4. Do you know that with God you are accepted and valued?
A. Yes
B. Occasionally
C. Practically never

5. Do you usually forgive yourself?
A. Yes, I really make the effort
B. Once in awhile
C. No, I hold things against myself

6. Do you tend to hold on to hurt in your heart?
A. With God’s help, my heart gets healed
B. Yes, regularly
C. I have a hard time letting go of the major hurts

7. I believe that no matter what I do, I have right standing with God.
A. Yes, always
B. Sometimes
C. I don’t know

8. I believe God loves me all the time.
A. Yes… God loves me all the time.
B. Sometimes … God’s mad at me.
C. Often … I am unsure of God’s love for me.

9. I feel like a victim.
A. Rarely
B. Regularly
C. I haven’t a clue

10. I fully believe I can overcome every obstacle in my life.
A. I believe I can.
B. I don’t think so.
C. I believe I can overcome some things.

Score: Give yourself 10 points for each “A” response.


• 90 points or higher. Congratulations! You are in process of living more and more fully in the REAL you.

• 70—80 points. You are on your way to experiencing real freedom. Keep growing!

• 50—60 points. You have a little understanding of your identity—just enough to get by.

• 10—40 points. Oh, no. Challenges can eat your lunch. You will soon be soaring in your true identity!


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