Empowering Kingdom Identity

Keynote Sessions

  • The Real You: Believing Your True Identity

    If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours, would I have a good day? Do your thoughts reflect the truth of what God says about you? For so many of us fear, shame, and loss of identity—impacts our daily lives. How on earth did we lose our real God-designed identity in the first place? And how do we get it back? Linda will help you not only regain an accurate perspective of true identity, but also show you how to break agreements with lies, dismantle wrong mindsets, and see yourself as never before! Through the eyes of God! This powerful session lays the crucial foundation for additional sessions of empowering kingdom identity! In this session, Linda Breitman will show you how you can:

    • Identify what has held you back from living in your true identity
    • See yourself through God’s eyes—accepted, loved and forgiven
    • Plant, build, and establish powerful God-designed mindsets
    • Rewire your self talk through posturing in God’s Word
    • Embrace the reality of no limitations in the Spirit
  • The Miraculous Power of a Transformed Mind!

    A renewed mind is a mind aligned with heaven and opens the door for the supernatural to become natural. Cooperate with your transformation—you have an outrageous identity that has nothing to do with performance. The Miraculous Power session involves intensified “identity therapy.” What do you see in the mirror? What do you say to yourself? What is the weak place that comes under attack? Linda provides practical tools you can take with you and apply in your daily life. Linda’s message will enable you to:

    • Unearth jewels of courage that were formed under pressure
    • Prophesy blessing and encouragement over yourself
    • Speak loving words of revelation, life, and affirmation over others
    • Run the race set before you and be postured to finish well
  • Identity: Living in the Rhythm of Heaven!

    Receive the spiritual upgrades from Living in the Rhythm of Heaven! See yourself positioned in heavenly places and perceive your life from God’s perspective! This session brings about a profound inner transformation, enabling you to more fully accept God’s heart toward you. He is deeply committed to you! Linda will help you to:

    • Discover how to more fully live in the rhythm of heaven
    • Reposition yourself from linear time to the eternal now
    • Discover how you are known in heaven
    • Posture in the secret place of intimacy with God
  • You Are A Heavenly Portal!

    Jesus said, “All these things that I do, you shall do as well.” You are a portal through which heaven flows! If you do not believe your identity, your mind will fight you on bringing heaven to earth. It is in your spiritual DNA to bring heaven to earth. We are to see what the Father is doing and do that. When you develop a deeper intimacy with God and believe your true identity—everything changes! Now your mind is aligned with heaven! Linda’s message will enable you to discover:

    • The mind is a portal to the supernatural
    • With a Spirit-led mind, you are receptive to the spirit realm
    • You receive more revelation the more your mind is renewed
    • You can change the spiritual climate of your mind through the spoken decree
  • Think Big Picture!

    What challenges are you facing right now? Are you asking God for direction, but having a hard time seeing past this one, specific obstacle? You grow bigger by what you defeat. Learn how to develop a warrior mindset that can stand under extreme pressure. Perspective changes when you Think Big Picture! Linda will guide you to:

    • Fight from victory not toward victory
    • Step into the reality of all God has planned for you
    • Grasp your future more clearly and be planted in hope

If I Could Ask You One Question…

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