Shame will keep you hidden…

The devil does not play fair.

He uses two primary inroads to produce shame: things that were said to us—demeaning comments or outright verbal abuse AND he uses experiences that have happened to us—emotional abuse, mental abuses, sexual abuse—all types of abuse to bring SHAME down on us.

Shame means we feel like we are not enough.

Not good enough. Not acceptable. Not clean. Not loved. Lacking. Embarrassed.

We feel exposed and we cannot figure out how to fix it.

Let me tell you this: Shame is the opposite of that which is TRUE.

You were PLANNED.


You are WANTED and NEEDED.

The body of Christ needs you! We cannot completely do this Kingdom thing without you!

Join me in the podcast in dismantling shame. Even a drop is too much!

Tearing down strongholds,

Linda Breitman

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