“Transparency slays our giants.” A quote from my good friend, Bill Yount. Over the past 20 years, Bill and I have developed a close, transparent friendship. Good friends mentor each other. We have encouraged one another, prophesied to one another and just generally choose to be real with one another. I think you will glean a lot from this podcast as my guest, Bill Yount and I talk about being real and transparent.

That’s what we want: the REAL DEAL!

Why are authentic friendships so elusive?

You know what? I think we are often afraid to be transparent.

What if we are rejected?

Or judged?

Or laughed at?

Before my husband graduated to heaven, his last words to me were: Be Real. I was at his bedside, crying. I said to him, “I’m sorry you have to see me like this.” He quietly said, “Be real.”

It has been nearly two years since he spoke those words to me, but it was like a message from heaven. When I wrote my current book, Miraculous Identity, I felt so vulnerable. I shared experiences from my life that were so personal. My friend, Bill Yount, said to me, “People can relate to you when you’re vulnerable and real.”

So, I invited Bill Yount to join me on this podcast: Be Real and Transparent. I think you are going to like it. Have a listen:


Linda Breitman