You have eternal significance. We want our lives have value. We want to know we are on track with God. The Psalmist writes: The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. How do YOU align yourself with God’s plan for your life? Listen in on a conversation I had with apostolic leader, Michael Hubbard as we discuss Finding Purpose and Destiny.


What are you CREATED, DESIGNED, ORDAINED to be doing?

I know you want to know. And, beloved, you CAN know. You CAN fulfill your purpose.

I know. You don’t want to waste your time. You WANT to live out your destiny and experience a gratifying, exhilarating life.

How do we find out what that is???

Once, I volunteered to teach Sunday school to really young children. Toddlers. Yay, not a fit. I tried because I wanted to help out. I lasted 20 minutes! I was so uncomfortable inside. No peace. Many times, this is how we find out—we test the waters! It’s okay. Just follow the Holy Spirit as He leads you with peace.

Here’s how to start: we PARTNER with God. So, what is it you are already doing that comes naturally to you? Our God-given gifts come so naturally and easily that we often don’t recognize them as heavenly gifts! Look at what is already manifesting in your life.

Let’s go deeper. Listen and watch here!

Mike Hubbard, apostolic leader in San Diego, and I delve into finding purpose and destiny.

Stepping into purpose,


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