This is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we are discussing difficult events that have happened to real people.

Sexual assault in the life of a child often is not made known until years later. For many reasons: fear, threats, tried to tell but was not believed–or ignored by family members who knew what was taking place.

My guest on this podcast is Laura Vivian. She experienced dissociative amnesia. Laura was assaulted throughout her childhood—and no one rescued her. Although it was obvious others knew what was going on—no one came to her aid.

Her mind did the only thing it could to survive. It blocked out the reality. Memories of ongoing childhood sexual assault remained hidden from her until years later when her perpetrator died. Her father.

I mean YEARS later after she had been married with children and grandchildren. Please listen to her story.

So many adults have memories of trauma to which God is bringing healing. Maybe it’s you … or someone you know.

There is someone this is going to help.

Standing with you,


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