Hearing From God – Revelation Hidden in Plain Sight

Do you need God’s direction for your life right now? Whenever I ask an audience this question, all the hands go up. More times than not, we feel like we are floundering. And we want God to give us guidance and direction. The truth is, God is speaking to you and directing you pretty much all the time. You are surrounded by revelation. Yet, we are not looking and watching for His ongoing help. Holy Spirit is our Helper, so let’s develop our relationship with Him as Helper. Learn 4 steps on how to access what God is saying through Revelation Hidden in Plain Sight.

Lord, speak to me! I need direction! Whenever I have asked an audience if they are in need of direction for their lives from God, nearly all the hands go up.

God is always speaking, always revealing.

On a podcast last week with Shawn Boltz explained how ways God is speaking ti us is literally hidden in plain sight. He meant that it’s right in front of us. So I began asking God for guidance and to show me something hidden in plain sight.

I felt Holy Spirit say, I am always guiding you. Ask Me to open your eyes. I was in the second row on a Southwest flight, and immediately I saw the Southwest logo: a heart with three bands of color painted across it.

Holy Spirit began speaking to my heart. The largest swath of color in the middle was red. I felt Holy Spirit say: This is the blood of Jesus that covers you. The blood is everything. The blood of Jesus set you free and established a new identity inside of you.

I looked at the royal blue color. This represents royalty. That’s you. You are royalty. I looked at the smallest band of color, the vibrant yellow. Yellow speaks of your bright future and all the wonderful things I have in store for you.

I took a picture of the big heart. It is posted on this blog. So simple. So clear. So loving.

What is hidden in plain sight for you today? On this podcast, I delve deeper into the hidden treasures that are right in front of us.

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