Very likely there is a well-hidden place deep inside your heart that holds you back. You think it keeps you safe, but it does not. In reality, it keeps you separated. This disconnect is so tricky, you may not even be conscious of it. It will keep you from moving forward and finding success in your business, your personal relationships, your goals, and your dreams.

Most of us really want to move forward.

As entrepreneurs.
As business leaders.
As ministry leaders.

But we hit a wall and can’t figure out how to get beyond it.

If the wall is too hard, too strong, too large, we say, “I don’t know how to proceed. This is way too overwhelming. Much too difficult.”

So, we stop.

What do we then say to ourselves?

On some deep, visceral level, we say, “I am not enough.”

I feel this podcast will speak to you!

Linda Breitman

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