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– Launch Team –

I would love for you to join my launch team for my new book
Miraculous Identity! Official launch date: October 27, 2018 at 6pm

As you know, my teaching has focused primarily on Identity. The Real You: Believing Your True Identity laid a foundation for establishing one’s true identity in Christ. This study has found its way into ministry schools, jails, prisons, the underground church in China, whole church Bible studies, women’s Bible studies, small group studies, and for individual study. The response has been the same: “This book has changed my life!”

My next book, Miraculous Identity, guides a person into deeper closeness and intimacy with God. The format is the same:

  • Teaching Section
  • Posturing Declarations
  • Experiential Activations
  • Heavenly Prayer
  • Heavenly Word

As part of the launch team, the target you will be hitting is developing greater Intimacy with God. Chapters include: Intimacy with the Nature of God, The Secret Place, The Wind of the Spirit, Know and Experience God, Humility, Completely Faithful, and more. There are ten chapters in all, accompanied with a workbook and videos.

The Launch:

We’re a month and a few weeks away from the release of my fourth book, Miraculous Identity, Unveiling Your Hidden Journey on Saturday October 27, 2018. A great deal of work goes into successfully launching Miraculous Identity. The hardcore reality is I just can’t to do it on my own. My creative brain is swirling with many ideas and I really need your help. I believe we came into relationship because God brought us together. This is why I’m reaching out to YOU! I need you. I need you to help me with this launch.

I’m a strong believer in community and ministry friends supporting one another. So, I’ve decided to put together a unique launch team with people who know me and what I am about. I’m enthusiastic about the idea of having each one of you on this exciting journey with me. I would have done this with my last book had I known what to do and how to do it. This time around, I have a small but amazing staff guiding me.

The launch team will be a very special group who will help release the message of the book. I’m going to be trying out innovative book promo ideas, and you’ll be the first to receive those promos. Most of what I will ask you to do is to pass the word on. I will break down how that looks. But let me say that I am immensely grateful for your involvement.

What The Launch Team Does

  • Amazon reviews are super valuable! Please, give a (hopefully good!) review of the book on Amazon, Goodreads, ChristianBook, and Barnes & Noble. We will send you the links.
  • Social Media – Help us get the word out by either initiate posts and memes, which I will make available for you in advance or you can share things I post.
  • Guest blog – If you have a website, podcast, or blog, I would love to be your guest. I could provide a topical guest post and a book for a giveaway.
  • Engaging with the members of the launch team and taking part in the community to help develop promotional materials for the book launch (we’re open to exploring ideas).
  • Pre-orders – Although launch team members will receive a copy of the book from the publisher, pre orders will help push the book up in the rankings on release day. We will let you know how to pass the word for people to pre-order.
  • Launch Party – I would love for you to attend the launch party on Saturday October 27, 2018 at 6 pm – 8 pm PT. The book launch location is hosted by launch by Cloud 9 Worship Center, San Diego, CA.

Here’s What You Get

  • An electronic copy of the Advanced Reader Copy of the first three chapters of Miraculous Identity which you can check out a month prior to anybody else.
  • A complimentary copy of the book prior to the book’s launch.
  • Special access to my private Miraculous Identity Facebook group, where we’ll share book launch and book tour updates. I will be involved with the page personally and interacting with you.
  • The opportunity to engage with other launch team members and see the behind-the-scenes of a book launch.

Join Linda’s Launch Team Today

First you’ll fill out a “Launch Team Signup” which you can find below. Once I receive your info, I’ll begin forming the launch group. All you need to do is fill out the form below and press the submit button.

I know you have a busy life and I promise I will make this simple for you. It will mostly be reposting and doing a few reviews. Simple. But effective and a great help to me personally. 🙂

You’ll find the Launch Team Signup right below.

Blessings and thanks,

Linda Breitman

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