Mike Ferry is a pastor and prophetic voice of the northwest. The Lord has given him some heavy revvy on prophetic decrees and intimacy with God from Song of Songs. Each time you speak, you make a declaration. Your declaration changes the atmosphere around you and within you. What is the atmosphere inside of you like? How does your declaration turn into a decree? Every sentence you speak matters, every word. Eavesdrop on our conversation and see what means to make a decree when your words are aligned with heaven.

Pastor Mike Ferry is a strong prophetic voice for the northwest. On this podcast, we talk about prophetic decrees and intimacy with God.

Every time you open your mouth, you make a declaration – positive or negative.

A declaration is simply an announcement. Each word you utter, matters. Your words affect the atmosphere around you – in the natural world and in the spiritual dimension.

The more intimacy you have with God, the more your declarations are aligned with heaven. Greater alignment transforms a simple declaration into a powerful decree. A decree carries more weight in that it is a formal authoritative order.

Pastor Mike Ferry is an old friend, and over the years, I have seen him grow profoundly in the prophetic. He will share recent insights he received about intimacy with God, Song of Songs, and the power of decrees!

Listen here.

Postured in miraculous identity,

Linda Breitman

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