Right Here! Right Now! You’re Beautiful!

What is beauty all about? How do we attain beauty? Do we women ever see ourselves beautiful? Why do we have trouble with this? Most every woman I know is harsh with herself. Her inner self talk is critical and even demeaning. Podcast 19 will help you find your true beauty.

The One who created you says:

You’re beautiful! I created you! I cherish you!

Then, we come along and harshly criticize ourselves. We compare ourselves to others and decide we don’t measure up. Is she prettier than I am? Do they have more money? Her body is slender and mine is NOT!! I need to work harder, get a new hair style and go to the gym!

Comparing ourselves becomes a way of life—a habit. An unhealthy habit. Do you know what is really going on?

When we compare ourselves, we are making our self worth dependent on the achievements of others. If they are not doing so well, we feel better about ourselves. If they are doing better than we are—if they have more stuff, more success, a better physical appearance, a nicer house, car, or status—we feel bad about ourselves.

Our worth and self-esteem becomes dependent on the success of other people!

Let’s get back to the God factor. In Song of Songs speaks of the love of God for His bride. He is enamored with His bride. Of her He says,

How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful!
All beautiful you are, my darling: there is no flaw in you!
(Song 4:1, 7)

Wow! Did you get that? No flaw! That means: Right Here! Right now! You are beautiful!

Comparing is a trap. It is not how we are meant to live. How do we pull ourselves out of the pit of comparing and self-judging? It is a slippery slope alright. But we can make the choice to rise up to where we are seated in heavenly realms and see who we really are.

Join me with Cori Eastmond on this podcast as we explore what is really going on, how to overcome and see ourselves in our true beauty.

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Living as the ravished bride,
Linda Breitman

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