Who am I? Where am I going and what’s the meaning of life? Did you ever ask questions like these? I did. And I searched for truth. What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do? On this podcast, I share some of my journey, how I got completely off-track and then learning that “the truth will make me free,” How I began aligning myself with heaven.

What have I gotten myself into? I’m in way too far! Too deep! What have I done? Thoughts began racing through my mind, frantically searching for an escape. Is there any way out? This force is real and powerful! Could it be…is this… God?

In the dream, I saw a man hiding in the closet. Not now! I addressed the intangible presence, Don’t come now! Please! I must get up! I’ve got to check my closet! The mysterious presence began to reveal itself in terrifying magnitude, swirling around me, and pressing in from all sides. Descending down my entire body, it pinned me rigidly to the bed. I heard a crash of thunder, and a tingling sensation enveloped me. With a shocking roar like jet engines blasting off at full power, my body began to vibrate intensely. Helplessly, I began to levitate off my bed. Was I in my body or out of it? Cautiously, I moved my hand underneath my back and discovered that I was, indeed, suspended in space!

Terrified, I struggled to free myself from this unseen yet all-encompassing oppression. There’s got to be a way to break loose! But how? I can’t see this thing!

Grasping for anything that would provide a means of escape from the gripping force, I desperately cried out, I love you! My voice emerged as from an empty cave with a seemingly amplified tone, and it continued to echo with a reverberating ring that pierced my very being.

Suddenly, the force loosened its grip. The sound diminished. My body descended back onto the bed, but my heart continued to pound in panic. I couldn’t believe I had been released. Gasping for air, I switched on the lamp next to the bed and pulled myself into a sitting position. My eyes searched the room. There’s no one here. At least no one I can see. Yet beyond what my physical eyes could perceive, loomed an insidious spiritual entity, a treacherous and deluding spiritual strongman for whom I had unwittingly laid out a welcome mat.

I recounted the events of the evening, leading to the incredible confrontation that had just taken place. Earlier that warm summer night, I read my spiritual study booklet, slowly digesting every awesome word of its theme, Surrender to Your Enlightened Spiritual Teacher. It described a teacher directing his student to jump off a high precipice, having the student place his total trust in the teacher. When the devoted student took this leap of blind faith, he fell and fell and fell, helplessly, until the teacher caught him at the last possible moment, just seconds before he would have hit the ground. This was the kind of pervasive trust and dedication required to glean the maximum from the teachings of my new spirit guide, the Mystical Traveler. With this kind of faithful performance, one could break the wheel of repetitive reincarnation and make it off the planet immediately after this lifetime. That would mean not having to reincarnate again, for the highest level of enlightenment would then have been reached.

It seemed to make sense—a shortcut to enlightenment. A spiritual guide could help me. to me. I took it to heart. I really wanted to know God and to get closer to Him. I put the teaching booklet down, and I sank deeply into my thoughts. If allowing the Mystical Traveler to work with me would accomplish my getting closer to God, I am certainly willing to comply with his teachings.

Curling up at one end of the sofa, I wrote an “I surrender” letter to John-Roger, the man who embodied the Mystical Traveler consciousness. I told him of my decision. I was willing to fully surrender to the Mystical Traveler as my personal teacher, and I would enter into such a relationship with the kind of trust portrayed in the discourse. I had no idea that later that very night my decision would be tested by a power far greater than I had ever imagined possible. A power that could immobilize me and pin me to the bed. A power that could levitate me off the bed at its whim. It was the power of the Mystical Traveler.

No longer would I to rely on myself. I was prepared to turn over all aspects of my life to his care–to trust him with everything. This was no longer merely a lark or even a game. The Mystical Traveler was demanding total surrender. This was the path to enlightenment.

The convincing scenario had been brilliantly orchestrated. And I took the bait. My encounter with the Traveler was only the beginning of a spiritual journey into a realm of the spirit within which I had no protection. I had to trust that anything I found in that realm would be good.

For twenty years, beginning with my early teen years, I became more and more deeply involved in the New Age belief system, ignoring danger signal after danger signal. I rationalized my way through every monumental red flag of warning. After all, I was on the brink of spiritual enlightenment. I surmised that I had already reincarnated many lifetimes to reach the ultimate threshold I was about to finally cross. To this seeker of truth, the doorway to self-realization looked so good, so beautiful. I had no idea the other side of this threshold held the deepest, darkest, and most powerful evil.

People are hungry for supernatural knowledge., and they don’t care how it’s packaged. Psychics are employed to give readings, tarot cards are read and hands are spread open in store-front parlors to find what a palm might show about the future. People are looking for hope. For good news. For a future dreams to become real. The want someone to tell them they will be okay. People are traveling on some kind of spiritual journey, searching for truth and purpose.

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Most everyone has heard that statement. Jesus spoke it. But there is a challenge within that statement. If truth is able to set me free, then it is possible that something can hold me captive. Something can be false. Something can trick me.

That was a reader’s digest version of my story. Just a glimpse. When you came into the Kingdom of God, you came out of deception–some type of deception. But the truth shall make you free.

No doubt, you have been looking for purpose and meaning to your life. Have a listen to this podcast about The Search for Truth.