My new book, Miraculous Identity is now on Amazon! Living in your Miraculous Identity is to live in greater freedom. Reaching freedom can be helped or hindered by the inner hidden journey going on inside your heart and mind right now. What you think and believe about yourself is a direct reflection of the state of your identity. The key component of your real, God-given, miraculous identity is the invitation to come into a deeper revelation of intimacy with God. In this podcast, I’ll share some of my story of personal challenges and how I found my Miraculous Identity.

There’s nothing you can do about it.

It’s in you already.

Jesus changed everything the moment you said “Yes!” to Him.

YOU have a Miraculous Identity!

But here’s the deal: most of us are barely aware of this new identity we have been given—much less aware of the miraculous part of it.

So … how do we discover what our Miraculous Identity is all about?

My new book, Miraculous Identity: Unveiling Your Hidden Journey, is all about discovering more of the supernatural side of our relationship with God and engaging with Holy Spirit. It is an invitation to come into a deeper revelation of intimacy with God.

On today’s podcast, we talk about how we lost our identity and the challenges of developing a closer relationship with God. Our past can hold us back. I grew up without a father and hardly knew how to approach not only a loving Father but also an ever-present Father. All of us have circumstances, situations to overcome so we can live in the fullness of God’s love.

(And, yes, you can get it on Amazon– It is full of posturing meditations, activations, insights, guided prayer, and heavenly words. I think (I hope!) you will like it!

So, have a listen to Your Miraculous Identity Podcast.

In His grip of grace,

Linda Breitman