How do you know if you are walking in your destiny? One thing is for sure: The fullness of your destiny/identity lives within you NOW. Already. Join me in another very cool podcast with apostolic leader, Michael Hubbard. Together, we will drop gem stones in your lap!

Your DESTINY!!!… is it happily unfolding at BREAKTHROUGH MOMENTUM?

Yes! You say, my destiny is ADVANCING FORWARD! Quickly! I can hardly keep up with it!


You say… Things feel like they are going at a snail’s pace! What gives? What do I do?

I’ve got you covered, beloved. Start HERE with a very cool and informative podcast/discussion with me and Apostolic leader, Michael Hubbard about Your Unfolding Destiny.

I think you will hear something you need to hear. Right. Now.

You guys are ever on my heart, and I want to bring you the best. I endeavor to give you quality info.

Blessings always,

Linda Breitman

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