Welcome! I’m Linda Breitman.

I help people find the authentic self deep within–the magnificent person our Creator wonderfully made—the Real You. My books include ​The Real You ​ and the nationally recognized, ​Miraculous Identity ​ . I wrote this identity series out of a passion to see people transform their thought lives and release the Kingdom of heaven from within. Along with my team at Linda Breitman Ministries, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing many precious people learn to activate their true identity through my books, workbooks, and DVDs, as well as seminars and social media content. What immense gratification there is to hear stories of changed lives!

At Linda Breitman Ministries we are not just selling books, we are starting a movement – a True Identity movement of the Holy Spirit that will lift God’s children into a profound place of their real identity and seeing themselves through God’s eyes.

I love creating tools to help men and women become successful parents, business people, ministry leaders, missionaries and life builders. So, why not step into the momentum of an identity movement that is for you – the Real You!

“God has given you a ‘Miraculous Identity’ totally separate from this natural world. You are called into a miraculous, supernatural life of signs, wonders and relationship. Right now, you walk in so much engagement with the Spirit of God  in your everyday life that most of the time, you do not even recognize it! Why? Because the miraculous Presence of God flows so naturally through you.”
Excerpt from ​Miraculous Identity

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My Story: Dismantling Spiritual Lies and Renewing My Mind

We all came out of some degree of deception. I did.

I once was an ordained minister in a New Age church. I obtained a masters degree from a New Age university, studied at a New Age theological seminary, and assisted in a plethora of New Age personal growth trainings.

We each have a story of how God delivered us out of deception and transformed our lives. I pray sharing some of my story ministers to you.

“Identity is the key issue in our relationship with God. The Real You is an excellent resource for small groups as well as ministry training schools!”

Graham Cooke, Author, Speaker, Consultant
“Linda’s book, The Real You is a powerful training guide heaven sent for this hour. She has trained many to come into their identity. She is a woman of integrity who has spoken into my life at critical times.”
Bill Yount, Blowing the Shofar Ministries

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