You can know God personally and intimately–and you can experience Him. He designed you to enjoy a deep, engaging relationship with Him. The problem is most of us do not know how to get close to Him. We have the illusion that He is so far away and so very unknowable. But He is not. Within you right now, there is a hidden journey taking place. It is an unfolding journey of your Miraculous Identity.

What is my miraculous identity? you ask. Your true, miraculous identity is to see yourself as God sees you. It is to experience all He says about who you are, why he created you, realizing your life purpose, and experiencing who God is for you. He designed you to be in relationship with Him and live your life in all of the miraculous wonders He promised you.

This book meets you where you are right now in your hidden journey. Opening these pages is rather like floating down a river of living water–sometimes you drift slowly and other times you experience the exhilaration of rushing waters! Revelation of your personal, one-on-one relationship with God will become clearer. He knows you. And He knows how to engage with you.