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    You can know God personally and intimately–and you can experience Him. He designed you to enjoy a deep, engaging relationship with Him. The problem is most of us do not know how to get close to Him. We have the illusion that He is so far away and so very unknowable. But He is not. Within you right now, there is a hidden journey taking place. It is an unfolding journey of your Miraculous Identity. NOTE: The Miraculous Identity KIT is on PRE-ORDER. The target mailing date is December 1, 2018
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    The Complete Identity Package includes:
    • The Real You Book – 10 interactive chapters for identity transformation
    • The Real You Workbook – 10 chapters plus Begin Your Transformation Here...
    • The Real You Video Sessions – 11 teaching segments with Linda Breitman
    The The Complete Identity Package for The Real You by Linda Breitman supplies all that is needed for an in-depth personal study experience of your God-designed identity. Each chapter is an interactive study and contains an identity teaching, identity decrees, activations, an identity prayer, and a heavenly word. The workbook will help you digest and solidify the 11 powerful identity topics. On the video sessions, Linda presents 11 new teachings to complement each chapter and homework assignment. If you are serious about learning to see yourself through God's eyes or if you are considering teaching The Real You course, the The Complete Identity Package is for you. The Real You is endorsed by Graham Cooke, Bill Yount, Joshua Mills, Paul Keith Davis, Jonathan Welton, John Ross, Gary Goodell, and Jeff Jansen. READ SAMPLE CHAPTER HERE

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