33: Miraculous Identity: The Secret Place

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Do you want to be healed and refreshed? Enter into the secret place. The secret place is a refuge, a hidden place. Safely tucked away from this world’s strife. It is here that you find rest for your soul, where your spirit is invigorated, and where your body is renewed. Chapter Two in Miraculous Identity is about The Secret Place, and I share some of the highlights in this podcast. I think you will be blessed!

12: Healing from Childhood Sexual Assault

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Sexual assault in the life of a child often does not emerge until years later. For many reasons: fear, threats, tried to tell but was not believed–or ignored by family members who knew what was taking place. The guest on the show today is Laura Vivian. She experienced dissociative amnesia—memories of many years of childhood sexual assault remained hidden from her until years later when she when her father died. I mean YEARS later after she had been married with children and grandchildren. Please listen to her story. So many adults have memories of trauma to which God is bringing

11: Sexual Assault Awareness Month – The Aftermath: Mindsets and Emotions

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The mindsets and emotions following trauma can be crippling. Fear, shame, feeling not valuable … and so much more. Over the past year, we have been made painfully aware of rampant sexual assault in the entertainment industry and in politics. Women we know as strong, powerful, successful women have been violated by predators. Isn’t it curious that a kind of moral revolution is coming out of Hollywood? Listen in on a conversation I had with Andie Berger, who helps at-risk, homeless teens get off the streets and back into community. Andie’s non-profit, Beaulah’s Place, is located in central Oregon

7: Jesus Heals the Brokenhearted

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We have broken places in our hearts. All of us. You know where they come from: betrayal, rejection, abandon, physical-mental-emotion abuse, words spoken over us that shatter. Many of us tear down ourselves with demeaning words. Then, we make the cracks in our hearts sacred wounds so as to have an excuse for not fully living. Jesus came to heal every broken place in your heart. This podcast is not for someone else; it’s for you. Jesus came to heal your heart.

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