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In today’s episode I am sharing a bit of my personal journey with you and how I was able to get unstuck. Over the past ten months or so something was preventing me from moving forward. From fully believing. So, I decided to align my thoughts with heaven and focus on my inner house. I needed to get everything in order, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Tune in to hear how continuing to meditate, speak and take more time to rest have helped me in the process of getting unstuck! Making lists and getting organized is also a key factor which


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Hello and welcome. It has been a few months. Sometimes in life you need to listen to your body and know when it is time to take a break. And so, I took one. This little pause was just what I needed to reset. I am so happy to be back and glad you are here. After listening to the show please take a moment to look around the new podcast website and visit all the new links in the episode show notes below. In this episode I am talking about the single woman and why we must ask ourselves

35: Finding Your Purpose and Destiny

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How can you know your purpose? I am often asked this question. We want to know our lives have eternal significance. We want our lives have value. We want to know we are on track with God. The Psalmist writes: The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. How do YOU align yourself with God’s plan for your life? Listen in on a conversation I had with apostolic leader, Michael Hubbard as we discuss Finding Purpose and Destiny.

31: Finding Purpose with Bill Yount

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What are you investing yourself in? How do we find our purpose? We know that nothing we do will carry eternal significance without God. So how do we find the God factor in what we are doing? On this podcast, Bill Yount and I share our insights on Finding Purpose. I know you will get something good out of this! Plus, Bill just released a new book, Handfuls of Purpose on Amazon.

13: How to Help Homeless Teens

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You are out running errands, and you see them hanging out in the park, by a convenience store, walking through neighborhoods—homeless teens. You might not even be sure they are homeless. How can you tell? What can you do? Andi Berger and I talk about simple, practical ways you can impact the lives of these young people. The first step is to be prepared for when you come across someone in need of help. We will give you specific steps. Andi Berger runs a non—profit that helps at-risk, homeless teens get off the streets and back into community.

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