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In today’s episode I am sharing a conversation I had with my good friend, Juanita Bernal. We’re talking about how you see yourself as a Christian woman. Whether you are single, married or dating, this show is for you! We will be helping you navigate that scene so that you are able to truly find what you really want. What to be careful of and what to do when those feelings of loneliness arise. Being careful of those dating sites and learning how to lean into the Lord. Today we are beginning to fill that gap that is not yet

26: The Search for Truth

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Who am I? Where am I going and what’s the meaning of life? Did you ever ask questions like these? I did. And I searched for truth. What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do? On this podcast, I share some of my journey, how I got completely off-track and then learning that “the truth will make me free,” How I began aligning myself with heaven.

1: My Story: Dismantling Lies and Renewing Your Mind

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All of us came out of some kind of spiritual deception. Karma, reincarnation, witchcraft, plus, twisted and misunderstood Scripture. Linda Breitman was once an ordained minister in New Age church, obtained a master’s degree from a New Age university, and studied at a New Age theological seminary. God opened her eyes, and she saw the evil behind all she had been involved in. Once she was came to Christ, she needed to renew her mind.

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