18: Get Unstuck!

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When you get unstuck, you are unstoppable! You gain momentum and begin fulfilling the call of God on your life. You know what gets us stuck? Most of the time it is our thoughts. We easily speak negative and limiting things to ourselves and rapidly spiral down. I am speaking with Cori Eastmond on this podcast on ways we can be diligent and proactive in getting unstuck. One seed of truth will release you from what holds you back!

14: Your Past Does Not Define You!

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The world will tell you that you are the sum total of all your experiences. I don’t think so. Once Jesus comes into your life, you are a new creation—the old has GONE! Yet, we still hang onto much of our past Like a badge of honor. We let our past not only define our present, but also our future! We tell ourselves we can’t do something because of our past. We can’t succeed because of our past. We can’t be happy because of our past. How do we really step into the new creation that we are where are

8: You Are Not a Grasshopper! You Are an Overcomer!

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What we declare with our mouths makes all the difference. How we posture ourselves in our hearts makes all the difference. Just like the reaction of Joshua and Caleb when they spied out Canaan, you do not have to say what you see. Regardless of what your eyes are telling you, what has God told you? This podcast will further open your understanding of how we unwittingly undermine ourselves and how we can stand strong as overcomers!

6: Become the You You Were Meant to Be!

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Even with hurdles, roadblocks, detours, and delays! We think delays are a setback. On the contrary, this is a time of lessons—especially in times of transitions. Lessons get you there. Yet often, transitions feel like delays. Right now, many of you are in life transitions. God is all about you becoming the you you were meant to be. What do you do to prepare yourself during transition? Let me take you a little bit deeper into this. Hop onto the podcast and we will go further into your world of becoming the you you were meant to be!

4: Transformed Into the Likeness of Christ

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You are being transformed from one form into another form. It’s called metamorphosis. Like an earthbound, lowly caterpillar being transformed into a beautiful, soaring butterfly.—you are being changed from glory to glory. It is NOT behavior modification. It is a supernatural, God thing. Linda Breitman shares about the process of transformation, and how to cooperate with this God-process.

1: My Story: Dismantling Lies and Renewing Your Mind

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All of us came out of some kind of spiritual deception. Karma, reincarnation, witchcraft, plus, twisted and misunderstood Scripture. Linda Breitman was once an ordained minister in New Age church, obtained a master’s degree from a New Age university, and studied at a New Age theological seminary. God opened her eyes, and she saw the evil behind all she had been involved in. Once she was came to Christ, she needed to renew her mind.

The Hope Of Heaven

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As we depart the Christmas season with feelings of joy, we know we will face challenges ahead. Together, we take the next step into a year of hope... REAL HOPE! I love it when I hear from you, so email me at info@lindabreitman.com

Getting Through Christmas

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Getting through Christmas can be a challenge if you have any baggage or difficulties that you’re going through right now. The holiday season will magnify them. It is just a difficult time for so many. It’s a joyous time, but also a challenging time. Watch this video and be encouraged. https://youtu.be/1PpaOjiMcWM Find out how to encourage yourself and the best ways of getting through Christmas and more by subscribing to my youtube channel so you are notified of the latest videos. You can reach me through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheRealYouBook/ Blessings to you, dear one.

The War Between Your Ears

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If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours, would I have a good day? Imagine someone hearing your personal thoughts—I mean, what you really think about yourself. Yikes! Partly good but mostly horrifying! The real war is right between your ears. But it is a war you can win. The mind is a war zone where negative and positive thoughts battle it out for supremacy. For years, I fought this war. Like most, I wrestled with my identity. The only way out was to discover how God, Himself sees me. I went to—yes, I'm going to say it!—the

The Voice of Transformation: Getting Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

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I was thinking about the many tragic events occurring nearly weekly in our nation. Shootings, raging fires, hurricanes, sudden trauma coming out of nowhere, and the death of loved ones. The hopelessness it produces is staggering. How does one prepare for devastating trauma? How does anyone get ready for the unexpected invading his or her life? And what about the family? A mother? A wife? A husband? A child? Trauma comes in all sizes and shapes. A year ago, I was in a lot of pain. Emotional pain which required a complete overhaul of my life. This was so extremely

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