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Want to Have Fierce Faith?

2017-05-28T02:43:24-07:00Categories: Identity|

"Who's going through something challenging right now?" Every time I've asked an audience this question, nearly every hand goes up. Pretty much everyone is facing some kind of giant. If you are not experiencing a challenge right now, you will be. Jesus said it. He said that in the world, we would have trials. Difficult situations. The trials can easily make us feel hopeless. We feel like we are backed up against a wall, and there is nowhere to go, no one to call. We are at the end of the line, and we feel like we don't have a

The War for Your Identity!

2017-05-28T02:43:58-07:00Categories: Identity|

You have a new identity, and you must learn about that identity. Our thoughts will either reflect what the world tells us about who we are, what people have told us about who we are, or our thoughts will reflect precisely who GOD SAYS WE ARE! Think about it. To whom are you listening? Have a view of a video blog about The War for your Identity:   You are His BELOVED! When you start believing, you will start experiencing! Love, Linda

Behold, I Have Set A Door Before You!

2017-05-28T02:44:38-07:00Categories: Identity|

Before me stood a gigantic open door. Imagine a huge door, and then quadruple it. I stood at the threshold and looked into a vast landscape, lush with greenery. I was so very small in the enormous doorframe. Even though I appeared miniscule, excitement about the future saturated me. It was going to be amazingly GOOD! My future was going to be as ginormous as the great door. I sensed God saying: "Right now, there is a door before you that is far greater than anything you have ever asked or imagined. You are crossing into the beyond what you

God Knows Who You Are!

2017-05-28T02:45:13-07:00Categories: Identity|

The devil knows who you are. Who do YOU think you are? The world will demand that you compare yourself to others. An inner voice says, "You can't do this. You don't measure up. You might as well go home." What you believe about yourself in your heart is a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. What you believe about yourself is your identity. Identity directly affects destiny.Recognize the warfare. The devil does NOT want you to know who you are. God Sees the REAL You. He opens a door for YOU to see yourself through HIS eyes. A wondrous new horizon

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