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The Hope Of Heaven

2018-01-03T19:41:46-08:00Categories: Transformation|

As we depart the Christmas season with feelings of joy, we know we will face challenges ahead. Together, we take the next step into a year of hope... REAL HOPE! I love it when I hear from you, so email me at info@lindabreitman.com

Getting Through Christmas

2018-01-03T19:41:40-08:00Categories: Transformation|

Getting through Christmas can be a challenge if you have any baggage or difficulties that you’re going through right now. The holiday season will magnify them. It is just a difficult time for so many. It’s a joyous time, but also a challenging time. Watch this video and be encouraged. https://youtu.be/1PpaOjiMcWM Find out how to encourage yourself and the best ways of getting through Christmas and more by subscribing to my youtube channel so you are notified of the latest videos. You can reach me through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheRealYouBook/ Blessings to you, dear one.

The War Between Your Ears

2017-12-16T15:58:03-08:00Categories: Transformation|

If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours, would I have a good day? Imagine someone hearing your personal thoughts—I mean, what you really think about yourself. Yikes! Partly good but mostly horrifying! The real war is right between your ears. But it is a war you can win. The mind is a war zone where negative and positive thoughts battle it out for supremacy. For years, I fought this war. Like most, I wrestled with my identity. The only way out was to discover how God, Himself sees me. I went to—yes, I'm going to say it!—the

The Voice of Transformation: Getting Through The Dark Night Of The Soul

2017-10-18T18:23:52-07:00Categories: Transformation|

I was thinking about the many tragic events occurring nearly weekly in our nation. Shootings, raging fires, hurricanes, sudden trauma coming out of nowhere, and the death of loved ones. The hopelessness it produces is staggering. How does one prepare for devastating trauma? How does anyone get ready for the unexpected invading his or her life? And what about the family? A mother? A wife? A husband? A child? Trauma comes in all sizes and shapes. A year ago, I was in a lot of pain. Emotional pain which required a complete overhaul of my life. This was so extremely

Trials That Transform You

2017-05-28T02:24:36-07:00Categories: Identity|

I know what you're thinking:  Linda Breitman! Where have you been? I need to tell you I've been in a fiery trial. And I had to take a long, unexpected time out. A giant came out of nowhere, and I had to fight it. Breast cancer.  Up until a few years ago, I routinely prayed for cancer patients. For nearly 8 years, I was the "in office chaplain" at an integrative medical clinic where the patients received insulin potentiation therapy (low dose chemo IVs) and high dose Vitamin C IVs for the treatment of cancer. Both modalities are non-traditional and

Enter In Like a Child!

2017-05-28T02:27:44-07:00Categories: Identity|

Behold! Look! I shall do a new thing, and I am doing it in YOU! Shall you not know it? Recognize it? Enter into it? Experience it? With Me? Yes, you will see a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. I am spontaneous and unpredictable. I am moving you to higher ground. I will show you how to look through My eyes. Willingness and childlikeness are keys. A child will see a river in the desert where it doesn’t belong. So break out of the shell you have put yourself in. Let go of those things that

Can You Still Make Declarations When They Feel Untrue?

2017-05-28T02:29:35-07:00Categories: Identity|

  A Special Event  with Linda Breitman   December 11, 2014  @ 10 am Sonrise Community Church 8805 N. Magnolia Avenue Santee, CA 92071   Should you make declarations from God's Word when what you are declaring is obviously not true in your life right now? Can we make such declarations? Or is this just a formula, a positive affirmation? Does it make us in denial about our circumstances?   When a woman knows her true Kingdom Identity, she becomes a powerful woman of God.  That's you! Come learn and grow…   I look forward to seeing you there!  

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