Before me stood a gigantic open door. Imagine a huge door, and then quadruple it. I stood at the threshold and looked into a vast landscape, lush with greenery. I was so very small in the enormous doorframe. Even though I appeared miniscule, excitement about the future saturated me. It was going to be amazingly GOOD! My future was going to be as ginormous as the great door.

I sensed God saying:

“Right now, there is a door before you that is far greater than anything you have ever asked or imagined. You are crossing into the beyond what you can ask or imagine realm. You are entering into the realm where you will participate in things the eye has not seen nor has the ear heard. You are stepping into My world.”

I knew this massive door would lead me into greater dimensions of the glory realm—and it was going to be fun! The atmosphere was thick with revelation. I would experience places of the glory realm I had not known, and the supernatural would be natural. As I pondered the door, I grew aware that the door was not only a door for me, but also for you. It has been placed before YOU! This wondrous door is before His Bride.

More Doors Await You

I also knew that there would be more doors once I went through this great door. The unseen doors that lay beyond would be somewhat smaller, more specific doors. These powerful doors would lead me to what I needed in order to accomplish specific tasks. Once I stepped through that great door, I knew everything I needed would be amply supplied. My eyes would see with increased clarity. I would find myself more at home where God has said I am seated—in heavenly places.

Taking Down Giants

Last year, I encountered one difficult battle after another. It seemed that every day a new giant showed up. Can you relate? And I survived. I persevered, and I’m still here. I know I am not alone because many have told me that last year was hard. In a recent blog, Bill Yount said, “God has favored me to live through the hardest times. You too.”

Friend, right now you are in the midst of going through this grand door. When I saw it, it seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was just there. Your glorious future will unfold very naturally without the turmoil of last year. There may be obstacles, but your inner response will be different because now—you know how to take down giants.