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What Kinds of Things Are You Thinking About?

2017-05-28T02:33:41-07:00Categories: Identity|

  ...If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours, would I have a good day? Whenever I ask that question, most people have the same response—shock. Their jaws drop open, and their eyes get real big. Imagine someone being able to listen in on your thoughts. Yikes! What a disaster!  We are brilliant at making ourselves look good on the outside while privately our minds are telling us something entirely different—something negative and limiting. Deep in our hearts, we long to embrace God's destiny for us and to know our true identity. We want to be more like


2017-05-28T02:34:16-07:00Categories: Identity|

Dangerous Women Arise! Saturday November 15   10 am – 12 pm Oceanside location to be announced Shattering the Glass Ceiling Over Women in the Church! I love that title. (A book authored by Danny Silk) WOMEN OF SAN DIEGO, listen to my cry: Knowing your identity as a woman brings a breaker anointing, a shattering of limitation, and an increase of the supernatural!  Training will include: How the Tree of Life Reveals your Identity as a Woman Shattering Identity Lies from the Wrong Tree Stepping Into the Supernatural YOU! Bring your copies of The Real You book and Activation Manual. I will be referring

Dangerous Women of San Diego!

2017-05-28T02:37:35-07:00Categories: Identity|

Let's Get together! Saturday - November 15 10 am -12 pm Oceanside, CA   I had a dream about women in ministry. These strong and powerful women had been severely buffeted. They were gathered together, not knowing what do to next. Everyone is going through something—even you. Whether you are facing an extreme situation or going through day-to-day challenges, I want to meet with you face-to-face. You are amazing! And you will fulfill everything God has called you to do! Honestly, my heart is to accomplish this with women across the nation. But since I'm in San Diego, this is where I am starting. This is

Confronting The Spirit Realm

2017-05-28T02:38:29-07:00Categories: Identity|

Confronting the Spirit Realm Last week, I found the kitchen and tried to cook. What a disaster! Many of you know that when I DO find the kitchen and go into that room, I begin stuttering. My idea of cooking is, "Hello reservations, dinner for two!" The last time my husband had a hot meal, the house was on fire! (I got that one from Joan Rivers. I am so sorry we lost her!) First, I messed up the recipe—easy for me to do. Next, I overcooked the fish. My expensive halibut was dry and flavorless. Usually this doesn't bother

God’s View of Success!

2014-08-05T07:30:16-07:00Categories: Identity|

Do you see yourself as … successful?  As amazing?    Wanna have a glimpse of how God looks at you? Watch God's View of Success video here: Click to learn more about Linda's Class:  http://lindabreitman.com/youlookamazing/   I'd love to hear from you!  Lbreitman@gmail.com   Linda Breitman Author, Speaker, Empowering Kingdom Identity   www.LindaBreitman.com  

Your Mindsets and Dreaming with God

2014-07-29T17:24:31-07:00Categories: Identity|

  A Message From Linda: What is standing between you and your dreams? Why does it always feel like a battle is going on? Because it is. There is a war over your dreams and goals coming to fruition. BUT IT IS A WAR YOU CAN WIN! This new video will break it down for you. Watch the Dreaming with God video here:

The Supernatural You is Coming Forth!

2017-05-28T02:40:40-07:00Categories: Identity|

You are a supernatural being living in a physical world.  Many of us move in and out of the spirit realm without even being aware of it. Knowing your true identity opens you up to revelatory realms where engaging with the supernatural is a normal way of life. An unlimited supply of God's power and grace and mercy courses through your veins.  When you are not conformed to the patterns and limitations of this world, your entire being transforms to function more naturally in signs and wonders. The Real You has fierce faith and prays fierce prayers. You get out

Linda’s Free Summer Class!

2014-07-10T15:59:37-07:00Categories: Identity|

BECOME UNSTOPPABLE WITH A WINNING MINDSET! I created a very short video for you--have a look! CLICK HERE to learn more about this FREE SUMMER class Tuesday, July 22, 2014 (45 minutes) at 5 pm PST // 7 pm CST // 8 pm EST You have a God-designed identity as one outrageously loved and totally accepted. You know you are fearfully and wonderfully made—yet you can be destroyed by your own secret thoughts. It doesn't have to be that way. You’ll learn how to: • Identify and Dismantle Limiting Mindsets • Discover Exactly What God Says about You • Learn

Identity: How God Sees You Right Now!

2017-05-28T02:41:46-07:00Categories: Identity|

When you go to the Home page of my website, you will see the heading:    When Heaven Looks at You…You Look Amazing!   Amazing means: wonderful, astonishing, astounding!  The problem is, when we look at ourselves, we don't always see "amazing".   We see our our flaws. We remind ourselves of what we are lacking, how we are not living up to "God's standards." We compare ourselves to who we "think" we should be.   What do you say to yourself? if you are a Christian, I'll bet you have a mixture. Most believers do.  So what you say to

How To Stand When You’re Falling Apart

2019-12-31T15:53:29-08:00Categories: Strength|

I just can't shake this feeling. I am sensing that many of you in blogland and facebookland feel like you're falling apart and you don't know what to do. Things are going awry, and you don't know how to fix it. I have felt this way myself. As a matter of fact, this past weekend everything was getting to me. I felt anxious and stressed. And I TEACH on keeping our thoughts aligned with heaven!  I texted a good friend who also has a speaking/book ministry. She said, "Linda, that's the enemy driving you into perfectionism and control." At first

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