Confronting the Spirit Realm

Last week, I found the kitchen and tried to cook. What a disaster! Many of you know that when I DO find the kitchen and go into that room, I begin stuttering. My idea of cooking is, “Hello reservations, dinner for two!” The last time my husband had a hot meal, the house was on fire! (I got that one from Joan Rivers. I am so sorry we lost her!)

First, I messed up the recipe—easy for me to do. Next, I overcooked the fish. My expensive halibut was dry and flavorless. Usually this doesn’t bother me at all. I am proud to live up to my reputation of not being “kitchen duck.” (my husband calls me Quacker—thus, the duck thing.) But this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, and I took a big emotional nose dive. A blanket of some weird depression came over me. This is WAY out of the norm for me. And over cooking? Never. 

Now here’s what I want you to see:Smiling woman portrait.

It was not my thought life that got me down—it was something in the spirit realm that moved right in. 

My thoughts were good. But once the blanket came down, my thoughts started getting messed up. I began thinking about how hard I’ve been working and how I am not seeing enough fruit. I began feeling down and hopeless. This all happened within minutes!

I know you understand. I know you can relate. Because this same thing happens to you—something triggers a downward spiral and oppression suddenly has a foothold. 

I had to MAKE myself speak words of life. I took a walk down the street, opened my mouth, and began decreeing: 

I am going to make it. I will fulfill everything God has called me to do. Depression, GO! Heaviness, GO! I trust you, Jesus. I love you. You have Your hand on my life. You are working everything together for my good. I am victorious! Right here! Right now!…

I will tell you the first sentence was not easy. Everything inside me felt opposite. I had to make myself speak. When oppression comes in, we often want to welcome it so we can complain a little and feel sorry for ourselves. It is a TRAP! 

Before the very first sentence was finished, I felt this terrible weight start to lift! 

By the third sentence, I thought, What took me so long to speak life over myself?

I’ll tell you what took me so long. I had to address the spirit realm. Once I spoke words of life and truth, the spirit realm became even clearer. My words were in agreement with God’s Word. And the sword of the Spirit cut right through the atmosphere! 

YOU are an atmosphere changer! YOU can dismantle and destroy wrong atmospheres! You can establish a heavenly atmosphere around you! YOU can confront the spirit realm!

You want some words of life right now? This is my specialty. I have some on my website just for you. On the right side of the home page, I have an article called, “31 Ways God Sees You Right Now.” Click on it and you will have words of life and hope and truth to instantly speak over yourself!

I want your feedback! People don’t always take a moment to connect. I hope this blog ministers to you!


Linda Breitman

Speaker, Author, Kingdom Identity Coach