Let’s Get together!

Saturday – November 15

10 am -12 pm

Oceanside, CA


I had a dream about women in ministry. These strong and powerful women had been severely buffeted. They were gathered together, not knowing what do to next.

Everyone is going through something—even you. Whether you are facing an extreme situation or going through day-to-day challenges, I want to meet with you face-to-face. You are amazing! And you will fulfill everything God has called you to do!

Honestly, my heart is to accomplish this with women across the nation. But since I’m in San Diego, this is where I am starting.

This is a Living Room meeting—which means SPACE IS LIMITED. Email me with the following info and I will get back to you with the location. There is no charge—love offering only.





* Phone:

* Church Affiliate:

* What do you do ministry-wise: (This can be anything from running a household to pastoring a church.)

*In what area are you strongest in your Identity in Christ? 
*Where do you need strengthening in your Identity in Christ?

* Tell me about yourself:


Email to: lbreitman17@gmail.com