…If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours, would I have a good day? Whenever I ask that question, most people have the same response—shock. Their jaws drop open, and their eyes get real big. Imagine someone being able to listen in on your thoughts. Yikes! What a disaster!  We are brilliant at making ourselves look good on the outside while privately our minds are telling us something entirely different—something negative and limiting. Deep in our hearts, we long to embrace God’s destiny for us and to know our true identity. We want to be more like Jesus. And yes, we desire to do supernatural exploits that defy this natural world. It is in our spiritual DNA to enter God’s world and partner with him, but our minds fight us—and the demonic realm opposes us.  There’s a war going on, and long-ago God designated the winner—YOU. Your part is to cooperate with God by believing your true identity  Where do you begin? Right between your ears—with your thoughts. Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 10.06.56 AM

This is an excerpt from my book:

The Real You—Believing your True Identity


Church study groups are seeing lives transformed through building the identity of believers with The Real You!  It is a complete identity study package.

Check out these testimonies:

“This book is a wonderful gift and tool for the body of Christ. I so appreciate the Scripture references and ease of application to my life. Understanding how to fight the battle of the thought life and win is something that will cause the reader to grow in their Christian life and be a greater witness for Christ.” -Audrey K.

“This is a must read for those that are wanting a closer walk with God. Linda walks us through the process of understanding of how God sees us and why he pours out his wisdom every day to the ones He loves. Are you listening…are you taking the time to prepare yourself so you can hear His wisdom for your life?” – Jeff A.

We engaged this series in our church and the testimonies keep rolling in and lives are changing!”-Pastor Michael F.