Like a Child (3)

Behold! Look! I shall do a new thing, and I am doing it in YOU! Shall you not know it? Recognize it? Enter into it? Experience it? With Me?

Yes, you will see a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. I am spontaneous and unpredictable. I am moving you to higher ground.

I will show you how to look through My eyes.
Willingness and childlikeness are keys. A child will see a river in the desert where it doesn’t belong. So break out of the shell you have put yourself in. Let go of those things that hinder you and hold you back. Clinging to old ways and sameness will not move you into the new place I have for you. I love doing totally new things with you!

Don’t resist Me. When you remain in the same old ways, you resist Me. Even the way you worship and the way you experience my Presence can become an idol. Enter in like a child. I am stretching you right now.

Go ahead and say: