I just can’t shake this feeling. I am sensing that many of you in blogland and facebookland feel like you’re falling apart and you don’t know what to do. Things are going awry, and you don’t know how to fix it. I have felt this way myself. As a matter of fact, this past weekend everything was getting to me. I felt anxious and stressed. And I TEACH on keeping our thoughts aligned with heaven! 

I texted a good friend who also has a speaking/book ministry. She said, “Linda, that’s the enemy driving you into perfectionism and control.” At first I thought, “Naw. I’m probably the least perfection person around.” Then I thought about it. Everything causing stress in me was about things not being right. Done right. Working right. Planned right. I was wondering if I were even making right decisions. Yikes! Can you relate? I’ll bet you can.

HERE’S THE DEAL: Perfectionism is tricky. In my wanting things to be done right, I was putting the weight of each situation on ME.

My friend told me to stop working for 24 hours. Take a sabbatical. Anything that comes to mind, write it down and ask God to handle it. Leave it there. No more work until the peace of Christ calms your spirit! And go do something totally different—and do it outdoors! She said to meditate on Psalm 46:10 :  “Be still and know that I am God.” So I said that verse over and over in my heart all day.

The last thing she said was that I am ready to coach other people on how to manage their time for such a ministry as this. Okay, now she is speaking prophetically. I was not in a place to coach my cat, much less out in blogland. But the prophecy went down into me. She was standing outside of linear time. Prophesying.  And now, here I am. Within 24 hours, standing outside of linear time, coaching YOU. You are ready to coach people who are standing where you are right now. I know you don’t see it. But you will.  And it will happen.

I am a warrior. I take down giants on a daily basis. God has given me an upgrade, and today—GOD HAS AN UPGRADE FOR YOU!

Remember Apostle Paul, teaching us that there is a battle going on and to put on the armor of God so we can RESIST and STAND OUR GROUND. You can read it in Ephesians 6. Here’s what I want to point out. Your job is to stand. That’s right: STAND! You could say Paul is encouraging you to BE STILL AND KNOW…

“…after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm…”  Eph. 6:13

In other words, when you have done all the crisis demands, stand firmly in your place. That means—IN YOUR TRUE IDENTITY!

You MUST be postured in your identity. Not sure how? Pick up the Bible and speak out loud what God says about you. I can make a suggestion. For free, you can read decrees on aligning your thoughts with heaven in the first chapter of The Real You: Believing Your True Identity. Just go to www.lindabreitman/store.  I am not trying to sell books, although this book would really help you. I just want to give you a freebie to get you started.

You feel like you’re falling apart—but you WILL get through this. STAND and KNOW.

Okay, peeps, I love you. Stand firm! You are not alone!

Keeping a warrior mindset,