When you go to the Home page of my website, you will see the heading: 
When Heaven Looks at You…You Look Amazing!
Amazing means: wonderful, astonishing, astounding! 
The problem is, when we look at ourselves, we don’t always see “amazing”.  
We see our our flaws. We remind ourselves of what we are lacking, how we are not living up to “God’s standards.” We compare ourselves to who we “think” we should be.
What do you say to yourself? if you are a Christian, I’ll bet you have a mixture. Most believers do.  So what you say to yourself may look like this: “I can do all things through Christ!’ Then later that day, you say, “I’m not accomplishing anything! Doors are closed to me.” What you say to yourself in the secret place of your mind reflects how you REALLY see yourself. How you see yourself reflects the current state of your identity.
There are two distinct types of identity: 
    • The Way The World Sees You
    • The Way God Sees You
If you are like most, you listen to these two perspectives and then decide how YOU will see you. The way the world sees you or the way God sees you–or some of both. Most Christians have some of both with a preponderance of how the world would define you. 
The way the world sees you is not neutral. It is primarily negative and limiting and demonic. Oh, sure there are some facts like you’re a college grad, a mother, an entrepreneur. But these facts are accomplishments in this world. It is not THE REAL YOU! My intent is for you to see yourself through God’s eyes and that you know your identity is far greater than anything your can accomplish in this world.
The way God sees you has NO LIMITATIONS, and His perspective opens you up into a supernatural world where anything is possible! 
Get saturated in the knowledge of how God sees you right now. Here is a bonus article from the book, The Real You called 31 Ways God Sees You right Now!  It reveals 31 ways God sees you–and you look AMAZING!!!

Linda Breitman